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Photo by Aubrey Salas

"I provide practical culinary education to create community access to healing foods, emphasizing plant based and locally sourced organic menus, time saving culinary techniques, cost effective sourcing strategies and a commitment to expanding environmental awareness.


I value justice, diversity, inclusion and community."

- Chef Marko Ellinger

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Chef Marko's passionate teaching style allows guests to become more autonomous in their own kitchens. Marko encourages participants to go beyond following a recipe. He empowers students to explore formulas of why things work to fully comprehend flavor profiles, culinary methods, and more.

Chef Marko now has Youtube classes!


What people are saying about these classes:

"Chef Marko's Elegant Restorative Soups class was amazing. It goes without saying that the Saffron Kobacha Squash Soup, the Exotic Mushroom Soup and the Emerald City Soup with oregano, lime, and avocado were delicious. As important was Chef Marko's belief in the the ability of the food to restore and heal us. In my case the soups brought healing to my digestive system. One of my favorite lessons of the class was learning how make a basic vegetable broth and learning how to finish off the soup by balancing ingredients to enhance the flavor. I'm looking forward to taking another class." Kathy Goodwin

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